The Management & Mismanagement of Ontario's Forests


Temagami is an internationally recognized ecological site that contains nearly 50% of all remaining old-growth pine forests. Since 1986, Earthroots has been at the forefront of protecting these majestic forests, and aboriginal sacred sites.

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Biodiversity At Risk

Algonquin Wolf Project

Only several hundred Algonquin wolves remain. Earthroots hosts the Ontario Wolf Survey, a non-invasive genetic research project developed to find Algonquin wolves in the unprotected landscape, to allow for a meaningful recovery strategy.

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Wilderness and Recreational Values

True wilderness is a rare commodity in Ontario. It is still there to be experienced, but it is under siege. Earthroots continues to educate and fight for the wilderness experience to be preserved for current and future generations.

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Protected Lands - Parks & Conservation Reserves

More than 20 years after the Ontario government announced their land use plan for the provinces’ industrial Crown forest, most of the protected area plan has been achieved. However, some significant gaps still exist.

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