Who We Are

"Behind Earthroots there are individuals who wear their passions on their sleeve, who are dedicated to a cause, and work tirelessly to get the message out. I thank all those who have made it happen over the years and am proud of the ongoing campaigns that inspire others to take action."

- Hap Wilson, Earthroots Founder, Artist, Photographer, and Author

Our Philosophy

Earthroots is a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the protection of Ontario’s wilderness, wildlife and watersheds, through research, education and action.

We have been on the front lines of wilderness conservation since 1986, when our predecessor organization, the Temagami Wilderness Society (TWS) was formed. The TWS was created to fight for the preservation of rare old growth white and red pine forests in the Temagami region of northern Ontario. After campaign success in the Temagami region, the organization changed its name to Earthroots in 1991, in order to broaden the organization’s campaign focus beyond the Temagami issue.

Lake Temagami

Earthroots consists of two separate organizations: Earthroots Fund, a charitable organization (registration #135165140 RR0001) that engages in public education and research, and Earthroots Coalition, a non-profit organization that engages in advocacy and action. Earthroots’ campaigns focus on achieving meaningful protection for Ontario’s threatened wilderness areas and wildlife species. Earthroots acts on behalf of 12,000 supporters across the country.

Earthroots is a strong advocate and agitator for wilderness preservation in Ontario, combining grassroots campaign strategies with effective research and educational programs. Since 1986, Earthroots has used its grassroots expertise to organize, educate and mobilize the public, conduct successful media events, carry out wilderness research projects and ensure proper forest management planning.

We empower thousands of Canadians each year to advocate for better environmental protection and achieve conservation victories!


Barbara Steinhoff
Executive Director
Connor Matys
Research Coordinator
George Smola
Marketing Coordinator
Mark Cooper
Development Officer
Teresita Tajanlangit
Operations Manager

Board of Directors

Gord Miller
Former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / Consulting Ecologist
Andrea Wilson
Ethics Professional / Eco-Tourism Entrepreneur
John Willms
Former Environmental Law Specialist / Willms Institutional Strengthening
Marjan Lahuis
Consulate General of the Netherlands in Toronto
Ellen Greenwood
Greenwood and Associates
David Oved
Environmental Consultant
Hap Wilson
Earthroots Co-Founder / Author
Trails and Tourism Consultant
Julia Dalla Rosa
Vice President, Strategic Alliances / ICF
Jayden Kuzdak
Infrastructural Engineer / Southern Harbour Ltd.

Council of Patrons

Robert Bateman
Wildlife Artist / Author
Dr. Robert McGhee
Curator of Archaeology
Canadian Museum of Nature
Farley Mowat
Author/Wildlife Advocate
Rest in peace Farley, 1921 - 2014
Les Stroud
TV Personality and Survival Expert

Advisory Board

Steve Abrams
Mill Street Brewery
Peter Kelly
Cliff Ecology Research Group
Josh Kohler
Former Southern Ontario Campaigner, Earthroots
Urban Planner
Vanessa Alsop
Earthroots Forest Campaign Advisor
Science and Environmental Education Specialist
Andrew Athanasiu
Senior Policy Advisor to Councilor
Canadian Museum of Nature
Lee Ann Mallet
Former Campaign Director/Co-Director, Earthroots
Carly Armstrong
Former Forest Campaign Advisor, Earthroots
Communications Specialist
Barry Kent MacKay
Audrey Bankley
Former Outreach Coordinator and Event Planner
Elizabeth May
Leader, Green Party of Canada
Lesli Bisgould
Animal Rights Lawyer
Doug McRae
Mark Calzavara
Community Organizer
Bob Olajos
Director, Friends of Temagami
Josh Garfinkel
Senior Campaigner
Blaine Pearson
Partner, Dot Dot Dash
Kim Cowan
Former Economic Development Officer
Temagami First Nation
Dr. Peter Quinby
Ancient Forest Exploration & Research
Evan Ferrari
Program Manager
Community Energy Partnerships Program
Lesley Sampson
Founding Executive Director, Coyote Watch Canada
Canadian Museum of Nature
Mark Kear - Former Temagami Campaigner, Earthroots
Dr. John Theberge & Mary Theberge
Wolf Researchers
Phil Winters
Co-Founder and CEO, GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Company
Solar Energy Consultant
Jason Van Bruggen
Partner, Dot Dot Dash/Photographer

Financial Supporters

Donations from the public are essential to the success of Earthroots’ campaigns to protect wilderness, wildlife and watersheds in Ontario – we are very grateful for the ongoing financial support from our members.  Our donors, volunteers and dedicated staff make our important work possible!

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As a non-profit organization, we rely solely on donations from supporters to keep us going. If you're able to, please consider making a donation for a better tomorrow.

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