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Legacy Actions

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Free Grassy Narrows

Following the catastrophic mercury dump into the Wabigoon River back in the 1960’s, three generations of the Grassy Narrow people have been left with intense health and economic impacts. The fight for government support to address the Grassy Narrows mercury crisis has been ongoing for over 50 years with very minimal progress. Visit Free Grassy's page to learn how to take action!

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Ban Wolf Snaring

While many other jurisdictions in the world have already banned snares for their cruel and indiscriminate nature, Ontario has yet to do so. These homemade devices accidentally kill many other species including eagles, wolverines, caribou and bears. Help us ban this practice for good!

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Conserve Wolves

Ontario is currently one of the few remaining places on earth that is home to 2 unique wolf species. After many positive strides towards their protection in the early 2000’s, wolf conservation has stalled over the last few years. As a key contributor to the ecological integrity of Ontario, we must continue to protect these beloved species!

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Protect Ancient Pine Forests

After 200 years of logging, the last wild stands of ancient red and white pine forests are now only found in a few places like the Temagami and Wolf Lake regions of Northern Ontario. With less than 1% of these original pine forests remaining, they are a critically endangered ecosystem. Help us protect these historical artifacts!

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Past Actions

Unfortunately, these action alerts have recently expired, but take a look to see what we’ve been up to!

Stop the Abuse of Minister's Zoning Orders

Schedule 3 of Bill 257 would remove the requirement for MZOs to respect the values identified in the Provincial Policy Statement. This is unacceptable and has the potential to crush years of scientific study, thoughtful analysis and public consultation. Take action now!

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End the Coyote Killing Contest

Chesher's Outdoor Store in Belleville is running a coyote killing contest this month that will reward cash and prizes to the shooters of the 10 largest coyotes, as well as the smallest. These contests are barbaric, ecologically harmful and are also illegal in Ontario. Together, we can shut this contest down for good!

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Stage 3 of the Algonquin Forest Management Plan

Logging continues in Algonquin Park! In the non-protected areas, harvesting is done by the Algonquin Forest Authority and regulated by 10 year forest management plans. Parks shouldn't be used for forestry but since the Ontario government is already moving ahead with this forest management plan, we need to make sure they prioritize the ecological integrity, recreation and cultural heritage of the whole landscape over timber profits. Make your voice heard!

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