Love is in the air all throughout the animal kingdom!

February 6, 2023
Rebecca Kolarich

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air!

Finding that special someone in your life is a beautiful thing. Although, life-long partnerships are not as common for animals as they are for humans, there are some species who favour monogamous relationships and stick it through the long-haul within the animal kingdom. Here are 5 Canadian creatures that mate for life and are #RelationshipGoals.


First on the list is Canada’s national animal. Beavers are typically monogamous, preferring to have one mate for life. A beaver couple will share duties when it comes to raising the kits (baby beavers) and taking care of the dam. After 2-3 years, the kits will go off on their own in search of their special someone to continue the cycle and have up to 20 years of a happy marriage.

Beavers by Sempre Dilunedi on Unsplash

Canada Geese

Another iconic Canadian species. Just like the beaver, Canada geese will share roles and raise their young as a duo. Most geese will find a mate at the age of 3 and stick together throughout their lives (10-25 years). The species is known to be very devoted to one another and protect each other; if one half of the pair is injured or dying, their partner will stick by its side. If a mate dies, the widowed partner will even isolate themselves to mourn the loss of their love.

Canadian Geese by David Wirzba on Unsplash

Grey Wolves

Wolf packs live within a loyal social hierarchy led by the Alpha male and his mate, the Alpha female, sticking with one another through life. They do so to lock in their leadership roles in the pack. They are known to be very sweet to one another in the courtship phase often seen touching noses, walking, and sleeping close to one another.

Grey wolves by Yannick Menard on Unsplash


Swans are a famous symbol of romance and known as being monogamous birds. Most pairs do in fact mate for life. The necks of two birds swimming close to one another will even form a heart shape! However, there are cases where partners “breakup” because of breeding issues. Ex-couples will sometimes stay on good terms and even continue to live close to one another.

Barn Owls

Much like swans, barn owls will often choose to stick with a partner for life unless the couple runs into problems with breeding. Male barn owls will go the extra mile to impress a potential mate. During the courtship phase, males will spend more time hunting to bring extra food home for their mate.

Header photo by Trevor John Williams on Unsplash

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