Earthroots' statement on the Ontario election outcome

June 3, 2022

On Thursday June 2nd, Ontarians elected their MPPs for the next four years. We thank all the candidates who ran for office and congratulate those who were elected, specifically Premier Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives, who are forming the next government.  

Earthroots is committed to protecting Ontario's wilderness and wildlife. Over the next four years we will work with the new government as well as MPPs from other parties, to ensure government actions protect Ontario's wilderness and wildlife.  

In particular, we will:

  • Propose new policies, programs and laws to end existing environmentally harmful practices so that our government properly protects wilderness and wildlife.  
  • Defend the rights of Ontario's citizens to be actively involved in government decisions that impact the environment.
  • Oppose any attempts to undermine environmental laws.

The strength of our democracy is measured by how involved its citizens are both in elections and in government policy-making. Since it was founded, Earthroots has prioritized public engagement in government decision-making. We've done this by educating the public about environmental problems and solutions, highlighting harmful practices through protest, and proposing thoughtful, evidence-based solutions.  

Over the next four years, we will continue our efforts to engage the public in the government's environmental activities. We invite all MPPs to join us and help build an Ontario where protected species have the protected spaces they need to thrive.

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