Forest degradation and protection of primary and old-growth forests must be addressed!

November 14, 2023
Barbara Steinhoff

A group of scientists has written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressing concern over the government's questioning of the term "degradation" in relation to forests. They propose a science-based approach to defining and addressing forest degradation, emphasizing the need for ecological indicators rather than economic ones. The scientists highlight the importance of primary and old-growth forests and the negative impacts of industrial logging on their ecological integrity, resilience to extreme weather events, and susceptibility to wildfires. They call for a coordinated global effort to end degradation in all natural forest biomes and urge Canada to play a crucial role in this effort by implementing policies guided by accepted science and ecologically relevant indicators.

The letter emphasizes the urgency of addressing forest degradation and the need to protect primary and old-growth forests for climate mitigation, biodiversity conservation, and ecosystem services.

Click here to read the full letter...

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