Who can stop the destruction of the Greenbelt and how can they do it

August 17, 2023

Following the report of the Auditor General, a recent CBC news article came out explaining how local governments and residents can do their part and help push back on Ford's Greenbelt housing plans.

The article states how municipal governments and residents can work together and refuse to re-zone land that is still largely zoned for agricultural uses. Franz Hartmann, the co-ordinator for the Alliance for a Liveable Ontario, says it's up to residents to contact their MPPs, push them to recall legislature early and return the lands that were removed as police investigate.

"As Ontarians, residents and citizens, it's our duty to speak up," said Hartmann.

"Our job is to let our elected officials know we do not accept this."

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Wetland within Ontario's Greenbelt

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