In Memory of Clayton Ruby

October 27, 2022
Hap Wilson

In loving memory of the late Clayton Ruby...

To sit on a board when you already have a full-time occupation, to say the least, is a demanding situation. But Clayton Ruby always made time for Earthroots. For a civil rights and criminal lawyer of such high esteem, Earthroots had the honour of his presence as a director, mentor, and friend for a number of years. One thing that I remember about ‘Clay’ was his humility and his uncanny ability to defuse any situation with calm repose when Amber and I confronted him with budget issues or unpaid credit card bills. He always had an answer or solution – not always one that was easy to digest, but in the end, we knew he was right.

Clay was already known as an outspoken proponent of free press and an active member of the environment community. Noted for his passionate work to abolish the seal hunt and for women to have safe abortions, Clay accepted his position as a board member for Earthroots agreeably, donating much of his “E” time to help solve the more gnarly operational issues and offer sage advice on how to utilize funds wisely.

Clay was an active board member during one of the roughest periods for Earthroots. Public sentiment drifted from environment issues to healthcare, standard of living and job security; funds for campaigns were quickly drying up, putting a damper on regular Earthroots operations. Yet, even though times were tough, Clay always seemed to have a positive forecast and we’d leave his office after a board meeting feeling somewhat rejuvenated.

It was an honour to have known Clay, and proud that he was an integral part of the Earthroots hist

- Hap Wilson, Earthroots Co-founder

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