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Our wildlife and ecosystems can't protect themselves, and that's why we're here

Earthroots' work began by fighting for the preservation of rare old-growth white and red pine forests in the Temagami region of Northern Ontario 37 years ago. We realized that there were more fights to be fought and have been on this mission ever since.

About us

Tell the province to stop logging Ontario's old-growth forests!

Ontario has old-growth red and white pine forests with 400 year old trees. Incredibly, these extremely precious and rare old-growth stands are treated the same as pine stands planted in 1900 and can be logged. Tell the province to stop cutting old-growth forests now.

Our work is made possible by our 12,000+ friends and supporters

Testimonials from our supporters

"Thank you for doing this important work with so much you're up against. You guys hold a piece of hope for these creatures, thank you so much!"

- Autumn Ducharme
"Thank you for what you are doing to protect the natural environments and creatures of Ontario and Canada. As an avid outdoor enthusiast (canoeist, cyclist, trail runner, open water swimmer) nobody appreciates this more than me and my wife. I love you guys."

- Geoff Hodgson
"Thank you for your important work. I'm a humble monthly supporter, and this year, wanted to give donations to your important organization as a Christmas gift."

- Anthony Wilson

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